Question: There are many spiritual Masters in the world today, but it seems that they don't really agree or feel the same.

Sri Chinmoy: If they don't agree, that doesn't mean that they are wrong. As I said before, each one has seen the tree in his own way. Some have just seen, some have climbed up a little, some have climbed up to the Highest. So each one will talk about God according to his own realisation. It is up to the individual seeker to have implicit faith in one particular Master. I will say a particular thing. If you are not satisfied with what I say, no harm. Somebody else will say something which will satisfy you and then you may become his disciple. Again, a third party here may feel that what I am saying is correct, so he will become my follower. The fact that all spiritual Masters do not agree will not hinder the seeker's progress. Rome is the destination; many roads lead to Rome. The most important thing is to have faith in someone and follow his teachings; that will lead you to your destination. Sometimes the followers of a particular teacher may brag and, unfortunately, even the teacher may also brag that his path is the sunlit path, the shortest path and so many things. But if you as a seeker have implicit faith in one of the teachers, in one of the paths, and if you are satisfied, then you are right to walk along this particular path with the teacher you have chosen, no matter what others say. All the teachers and all the paths will take you to the same goal. The goal is one, but the roads will be many. If somebody says his road is better, far superior to others, it is up to the seekers to make a choice.

There are many teachers. But one teacher you will find who gives you immediate joy, boundless joy, though you cannot account for it in your mind; or he makes you feel that you had a previous connection with him or you have an affinity with him. Outwardly your mind cannot fathom the Delight or Peace or other sublime qualities that you are feeling, but you feel something in him. If you have this kind of experience with a certain teacher, then rest assured that he is meant for you. The teachers may differ and each one will say, "You come to my room. My room is full of beautiful things; it will satisfy you." But it is up to you to enter into a teacher's room and see whether or not the things that he has will satisfy you. If they do not satisfy you, then you go to somebody else's room — another Master — and if he satisfies you, then you remain there.