A lover of God and Truth

Lord Mayor: You know, sometimes I find myself nearly preaching in my job here, because of people's stubbornness. This was chosen as the site of a city where a lot of people would live: therefore, it's necessary to have roads and interchanges. But there is always a group that says nothing should be done — you are spoiling nature. My answer to that is twofold. First, if you don't want to do anything around the river at all, then you should have put the capital city on some hot, dusty sandhill out back, and left the river exactly as it was. And the second thing is that at least we, as humans, have done better than perhaps the dinosaurs would have done. They would have been trudging around despoiling parts of the river. So I find myself almost preaching, God forgive me, by saying that I'm a great believer in the divinity of man and that for better or worse we're the best He's got. I say that we're trying to look after people, not trying to worship the ground or the river. It may sometimes be bad luck from an aesthetic point of view, but we have to have some roads and some car parks since this is the place where people have decided to live. It's my job as Lord Mayor to make Perth as comfortable as possible for the people, while at the same time preserving the beauty as best I can. There's a lot of Western Australia that hasn't got anything on it except the ants and the birds. And so I keep finding myself almost preaching, saying that in my opinion man is made in the Sight of God and this is what we are supposed to be doing. That falls on some deaf ears amongst some of the hard-headed people around, but is it not a reasonable philosophy?

Sri Chinmoy: Absolutely! With my heart's implicit sincerity, I wish to tell you that you are a real lover of God and Truth. What I practise and what my students practise, you also try to practice. We use the term 'seeker.' We seek God and Truth in a specific way. You are also seeking the Truth and believing and manifesting the Truth in your own way. But our ultimate Goal is the same. What you are doing is absolutely right. The seeker in you is most genuine and most soulful, and because of that I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be here. The seeker in me and the seeker in you have become eternal friends in the soul's world. Our eternal friendship is recorded on the tablets of our aspiring hearts.