Question: Guru, what should we do about our pride?

Sri Chinmoy: If you think that you are beautiful, really beautiful, and that is why you are proud, then just ask your sincerity whether you are really the most beautiful person in God's creation. Your sincerity will say, "Impossible, impossible." If you feel pride that you are very tall, whereas your friends are short, then ask yourself sincerely whether you are the tallest person in this creation. You will laugh at this. No matter what you are proud of, ask yourself whether there is anybody who is superior to you. You will be surprised that there are many, many people that you even know about who are far better than you in any aspect of life you pick. If you know that there are ten, twenty, thirty people that are better than you in every aspect, then rest assured that there are many you do not know who are far superior to those you are thinking of. So how can your pride come?

But there is also something called divine pride. "I am God's son, so how can I act like this, how can I make friends with ignorance, how can I wallow in the pleasures of ignorance? I can't do it because my Father is God, the Supreme Absolute." That kind of divine pride is good. On the physical plane you look around and are embarrassed that you thought you were really something. But in the inner plane you try to feel divine oneness, divine pride. "I am God's and I can't make friends with falsehood or ignorance." Divine pride is excellent.