Question: Why doesn't the mind listen to the heart and the soul?

Sri Chinmoy: Why doesn't it listen? You have to ask the mind to listen. If it doesn't listen, blame yourself. You know you have a mind, you know you have a heart, you know everything, but you don't ask your mind to listen to your heart. You make friends with your mind. Every seeker blames the mind, but I blame the seeker. The mind is like a knife. With a knife you can stab someone; again, with the knife you can cut fruits and share with others. The mind is an instrument. If you utilise the mind properly, the mind will listen. But most people don't use the mind properly and then they blame the mind. The mind will listen if you compel it to do the right thing. But if you want the mind to guide you, which it has been doing for several centuries, it will try to guide you in its own way.

So, all of you should feel that it is your duty to direct the mind; not the other way around. You can't blame the mind. We are all fond of blaming others; we never blame ourselves. But it is our fault totally if the mind has become unruly. If we really wanted the mind to listen to us, the mind could not do anything we didn't want it to do. But we enjoy the mind's supremacy, and then we are caught. The best thing is to direct the mind ourselves instead of asking the mind consciously or unconsciously to guide us.