Question: Guru, could you explain the difference between God-revelation and God-manifestation?

Sri Chinmoy: God-revelation and God-manifestation. First you realise the truth with your inspiration and aspiration, then you reveal it through your eyes or through your actions and finally you manifest it. Take realisation as something inside you. Manifest it here on earth: then it becomes others' possession. When you reveal it, others become aware of it, but still your truth does not become their possession. But when you manifest it, your truth becomes the possession of the entire world. At that time it is Mother Earth that gets whatever you have manifested. That's why I give so much importance to manifestation. So first you have to embody, then reveal and then manifest. Embody the truth, reveal the truth and manifest the truth. It is like a bird. First the bird has realised. Then the realisation-bird stretches its wings; this is revelation. When the bird flies, this is manifestation. Spreading its wings is important, but the bird has to fly.