The path of the heart

Bishop Kennedy: It seems at face value that what you are offering is very simple. There aren't things to learn, intellectual things. It is an attitude of the heart.

Sri Chinmoy: I tell my students that they have to follow the path of the heart. The mind doubts, suspects, judges. It always wants to maintain a sense of separativity. It always wants to remain an inch higher so it can lord it over others. But the heart is not like that. The heart is all oneness. When we live in the heart, we have a feeling of inseparable oneness. Wherever I am, you also are; wherever you are, I also am. The heart is oneness-light. The heart is like the mother. The mother is inseparably one with her child — with his suffering and joy, with all his multifarious activities.

Right now the mind that we have is the earthbound, physical mind. Its very nature is to doubt and suspect others, to remain aloof. But the mind will not all the time remain unillumined. Nothing will remain untransformed. Everything will be illumined and perfected at God's Choice Hour. The heart is more illumined than the mind because it has received Light from the soul. Now this very same Light the heart is trying to offer to the mind. Then the mind will offer it to the vital and the vital will offer it to the physical. This room is now illumined, whereas the other room may be dark. So we take light from here to the other room, which is dark. But first we have to come into that room which already has light. If we go into the room that has no light, how are we going to bring light?

I tell my students that there is only one teacher and that teacher is God. I say, "I am not the Father, I am only the elder brother. I know a little more about the Father than you, because you are younger than I in terms of spirituality, so I will take you to the Father. That is the job He has given me. Once I have taken you to the Father, then I will let Him deal with you directly. At that time my role is over." Then, the Father and the younger brothers and sisters will directly deal with one another.