There is a great difference between confidence and over-confidence. Over-confidence is of the mind and for the mind, whereas confidence is an inner light. With that inner light, we illumine our mind's darkness. So when we feel the light-ray inside our heart, that ray starts illumining the darkness of our mind. When we have confidence, we feel that God is not only with us and in us but also for us.

But when we are surcharged with over-confidence, at that time we do not need God. We do not need anybody else. We have to know the difference between real confidence and over-confidence. When we discern confidence in our outer life, it is all over-confidence and nothing else. But when we really have confidence in our heart, in our inner life, then it illumines everything that is dark in our life. Confidence is something that is extremely necessary, but we have to be careful in our outer life that this confidence is not over-confidence. Over-confidence is nothing short of destruction.