One-pointedness is of paramount importance in the spiritual life. Let us say that I am looking at the five fingers on my right hand. I am not looking here and there; I am only looking at these five fingers. Then the question comes: how can I make my focus of concentration smaller and smaller? When I look with utmost one-pointedness, I will discard my thumb, I will discard this finger and that finger, until finally I am concentrating only on the tip of one finger. In order to achieve one-pointedness, you have to make the object as small as possible. The smaller the object, the easier it is to exercise your one-pointedness. When you make the biggest things very small, then you will make very fast progress.

One-pointedness you develop only by making the subject or object as small as possible. One-pointedness you cannot apply to vastness. Again, when you develop this capacity to concentrate on objects which are smaller than the smallest, tinier than the tiniest, it will become so easy for you to identify yourself with the vastness of the Reality. At that time, if you use your one-pointedness to reach your Beloved Supreme, you will see that He is coming towards you. Your one-pointedness will come into the category of contemplation.

Suppose you are looking at my Transcendental Photograph. Gradually, gradually you will try to look at the smallest portion possible. Only try to see the eyes. Then forget about two eyes and try to see only one eye. First you will see the whole face and then, gradually, gradually bring your focus to two eyes and then only one eye. When only one eye remains, feel that that one eye is entering into you and you are entering into that eye. Use your one-pointedness.

So again and again I am saying that for one-pointedness, make the vastness as small as possible, as tiny as possible. When you are successful in piercing through it, even if you are looking at the ocean itself, your one-pointedness will make the vastness disappear.