Detachment is immediate peace. Detachment is wisdom. We are not our creators. Somebody created us. When we can detach ourselves from any person or any object, then we get boundless joy. Detachment is the wisdom-light in us that tells us not to be affected by anything that happens. So many wrong thoughts are coming, so many things are happening in the family, so many things are going wrong in the world — if you can be detached from them, then you will not be affected.

Detachment is not an escape. Detachment is to say, "This is God's world. Let God take care of it. My only obligation is to please God in His own Way. He is the Creator; I am the creation. I can only be of real help to God, real service to God, by praying to Him."

When you try to remain detached, you have to feel that it is your wisdom-light that is coming to the fore. Detachment is not an escape from life. Detachment is a way to see or to feel that God knows that what is happening is for the ultimate good of mankind or for the ultimate good of Mother Earth.