Divine warrior

There are two kinds of warrior: one who conquers with a sword or a gun or some other weapon. That is a human warrior. The other is a divine warrior. This warrior does not conquer; he illumines with light. The divine warrior comes and sees darkness. Light never takes darkness as its enemy, whereas darkness takes light as its enemy. As soon as light, in the form of a divine warrior, stands in front of darkness, light will say, "Oh, my little brother is full of doubt and fear and so many other undivine things. Let me bring water and wash him and make him clean and beautiful." So the divine warrior is always trying to make others as good as himself because he knows he is representing God. But the human warrior will say, "Let me kill that person! He has different views from me. Why should I accept his views? They are all wrong!"

The human way is to destroy; the divine way is to sympathise with our younger brothers and sisters. Darkness is nothing but the younger brother of light. Always there is light, even inside darkness. There is no darkness that does not have an iota of light inside it. The divine warrior thinks of light, more light, abundant light, infinite light. So he will stand in front of darkness and try to illumine it. In that way, he will fulfil God's Vision on earth. The human way is always to destroy. The divine way is to say, "What I am, I want you to be because I know I am representing God on earth and I would like you also to represent God on earth."