Question: How can we love the path that we are taking to the Supreme at every moment and maintain a deep respect and gratitude for it?

Sri Chinmoy: Divine love is spontaneous. It is not something that we can build with bricks and mortar like a building. We see a flower and immediately we love the flower. We see a child and immediately we love the child. We love something or someone because we feel a magnetic pull from that person or thing. You accepted me as your spiritual Master and I accepted you as my spiritual disciple because your soul immediately saw and felt something in me, and I immediately saw and felt something in your soul. It was mutual, reciprocal — like two magnets.

You gave your heart, your soul and your life to our path; it is your entire spiritual existence. Between your life and our path, between you and your Master, there is an eternal magnetic pull. I am feeling only divine love for you, and you are feeling only divine love for me. Divine love is all oneness. In divine love the Master's heart and the disciple's heart are one. In divine love your heart's cry and the path are one. In divine love you and your Master are one.

There is a great difference between this kind of divine love and ordinary human love. Divine love is bound to grow and glow at every moment. Human love will grow only to burst like a balloon. For a while it will grow and grow, but eventually it will burst into pieces. But love that comes from the soul starts spontaneously and does not stop. And at every moment it gives us tremendous joy. The love that you feel for the Supreme and for the path is like this. It began spontaneously, and it will not stop. At every moment it gives you joy

Human love is like earthly food. If you continue eating earthly food for two or three hours, you will get sick. But divine food we can eat endlessly. Our hunger for human food is finite, but our hunger for divine food is infinite. Divine food is God's Compassion and God's Affection. These are eternal, infinite, immortal. My compassion, concern and affection for you and for humanity are infinite. These divine qualities are not my monopoly. They are everybody's birthright, but everybody does not use them. Divine love is simple, pure and unending. If you can remain inside your own heart-garden, inside your Master's heart-garden and inside the Heart-Garden of our Beloved Supreme, at every moment you will feel the spontaneous pull of divine love. Then you will see and feel inside the path, inside your Master and inside your own heart the beauty and fragrance of a flower, and spontaneously you will love them.