Question: In the translation of your song Bhulite diyona it asks that the Supreme not allow you to forget Him either in life or in death. Is it possible to forget the Supreme in the soul's world?

Sri Chinmoy: Here on earth many people have forgotten the promises that they made to God and to their own divinity. In exactly the same way, God's Consciousness is there in the soul's world, but how many souls remember? After six years, most souls have to come back to earth. Some do not want to come, but they are forced. If they get God's special Grace or the Master's special grace, they can stay indefinitely in the soul's world. Otherwise, ordinary human beings have to come back, because even while they are in the soul's world they are not doing anything for God or for their spiritual progress.

You can make a comparison between when the soul is in the physical on earth and when the soul is not in the physical, in the soul's world. On earth we see only the physical body, vital and mind, but there are also what we call the subtle body, subtle vital, subtle mind and the psychic being, the soul's representative. We expect the subtle beings to be a little better than the physical ones, but sometimes they can be equally useless. The subtle body, vital, mind and heart need preparation, or they can be as useless as the physical body, vital, mind and heart.

Ordinary, unaspiring souls can definitely forget God in Heaven. We may be standing in front of the temple, in front of the shrine, in front of the statue, but our mind is somewhere else, our heart is somewhere else. We are seeing the physical aspect, something made of stone, but if we are not conscious and aware, we are not considering that thing as representing the ultimate Supreme, although we are standing right in front of it and looking at it.