Question: How can we best develop the capacity to be able to feel your presence inside our heart as if we are in your physical presence?

Sri Chinmoy: Imagination is a reality in its own right. If you want to feel my presence, you do not have to think of me as I am at that particular moment. Just imagine me at a place where once upon a time you got the utmost compassion, affection or blessings from me. It could be the tennis court or the meditation hall or somewhere else. So many times you have received from me. Remember a few most significant times when you felt the most powerful blessing or appreciation from me. Imagine my face and your own heart, and carry that with you.

When you are at work, you do not have to think: "Oh, it is eleven o'clock. Guru is either at home or at the tennis court. He is playing tennis or taking exercise." No, just remember that on a certain date or at a particular place you got utmost blessings, compassion, affection, gratitude or something that gave you tremendous, boundless joy. Let that joy become part and parcel of your life-breath. Remember not only one, but several occasions. If you can keep these inside your heart and inside your mind, then you can carry me wherever you go. Once the joy that you got from me or that you gave me becomes part and parcel of your life-breath, that is enough to feel me anywhere you are.