God does exist

God exists. We don't have to
invent Him.
Our mouth at least dares
to prove God's existence.
But alas, peace does not exist
on earth.
Let us try to invent peace.

We all know the difference between discovery and invention. We discover something which already exists within or around us, but of which we are not consciously aware. Columbus discovered the new world. This world already existed but he came to discover it for those who did not know of its existence. An invention is something that never before existed. But once it comes into existence it becomes part and parcel of the world.

God exists. We have not to invent Him. The existence of God has been discovered by many great realised souls of the hoary past and many sincere and dauntless seekers of the present. They have told us that God does exist. There are many now who believe in the existence of God but who do not practise the spiritual life in order to discover Him for themselves. They constantly preach to others about the existence of God but they do not have five minutes to concentrate, meditate or pray to God sincerely and wholeheartedly.

These people do not have to invent God. They have heard of God's existence from others. No doubt they do not have the heart to feel God's existence right now, but God has given them the mouth to speak about His existence. If they do not want to realise the Truth that they are speaking of, then naturally they are not fooling God; they are only fooling themselves. There are many insincere people, even atheists, who have inspired truly sincere seekers. They themselves do not pray to God; they have nothing to do with God or the inner life; but they tell others what God is, what God looks like, what God can do. From the mere talkers, others come to know of the existence of God, the Capacity of God, the Compassion of God, the Power of God and the Love of God and are inspired to discover God for themselves. They try to go deep within because their inmost hearts know that what they are hearing is true.