The Beyond

There are hundreds and thousands of sweet, meaningful and significant words and phrases in our dictionary, but 'the Beyond' surpasses them all. We have to live in the Beyond. If someone wants to live without food, he is a fool. If someone wants to live without air, he is a greater fool. If someone wants to live without the life of the Beyond, he is the greatest fool.

Some say that the Beyond is unknown to them, but I say that they have merely forgotten the Beyond. They say that the Beyond is far away. I say that they have hidden the Beyond. They say that it is easier to realise the Beyond than to live in the Beyond. I say that God-realisation can make us feel that it is not at all difficult to live in the Beyond consciously at every moment of our existence.

If we want to live in the Beyond, then we have to love God and be loved by God. The love of the physical, the vital and the mental will always bind us. But the love of the soul, divine love, will free us from the meshes of ignorance. I said to God, "O God, what do You do with Your divine Love?" God immediately answered, "I shape you, mould you and illumine your nature with My divine Love. Finally, with My divine Love I liberate you from imperfection, ignorance and death." God asked me, "What do you do with your love?" I said to God, "With my love I bind You constantly, as a child clasps and binds his mother with his snow-white affection and love." God cried with joy and I cried with gratitude.

If we want to stand face to face with the Beyond, if we want to know what the Beyond looks like and want to see the face of the Beyond, then we have to accept spirituality consciously. Spirituality is not theoretical knowledge, but practical wisdom. Spirituality is not satisfied just with God's Heavenly existence. Spirituality wants to prove to the world at large that God can be seen, felt, realised and manifested here on earth. Earth as well as Heaven is the home of God, and spirituality is the language that both God and man, and Heaven and earth, use to converse with each other.

We must know the difference between desire and aspiration. Very often even sincere seekers are confused. They feel that desire and aspiration are one and the same. But desire always limits our consciousness, whereas aspiration always expands our consciousness and takes us to the Highest, to the Infinite. Aspiration expands our mind's horizon, our heart's joy and our soul's illumination. He who stays with desire must stay in the night of ignorance. He who stays without desire can and does stay in the dawn of knowledge. He who stays with aspiration sees through the adamantine world of ignorance and looks into the luminous windows of knowledge. His is the Goal of goals; the Feet of the Supreme.

The Beyond is in the Eternal Now. If we can dare to feel that we are God's chosen children, then we can without fail live in the Beyond. We have to feel that we are everything and that in us is everything. God is within us; God is without us. We must know that our human existence is meaningful only when we become a perfect channel for the Divine to manifest the ultimate Truth on earth.

Life Eternal is ours but ignorance is not ours. No matter how much we cling to ignorance either consciously or unconsciously, ignorance will one day leave us. Even if we don't want the ultimate transcendental Truth, a day will come when the transcendental Truth will dawn on us. It is destined. But if we consciously aspire for the highest Truth, the Light of the Beyond, then we can hasten our progress.

The life of the Beyond beckons us. The life of the Beyond is the Light of the Beyond and the Light of the Beyond is the Truth of the Beyond. Unspiritual light has an outer glare that obscures our inner life and exposes our outer life. But spiritual light has an inner glow that illumines our outer, obscure life. We shall one day glow in the Light of the everlasting Beyond.

God has infinite children, but His dearest child is Truth. We have to see the Truth, feel the Truth and grow into the Truth. Unfortunately, most of us want to be supported by the Truth although we do not care to live the Truth. A spiritual man will always soulfully, wholeheartedly, unreservedly and unconditionally try to live and defend the Truth. Truth has to be lived and defended at any cost by a sincere seeker of the Highest. Let us grow into the Truth. Then we shall see that the life of the Beyond is not a far cry but is here within us. Let us practise the spiritual life and fully accept the soulful message of spiritual consciousness.