King Hyder Ali saves a kidnapped girl

Once a week King Hyder Ali used to receive complaints directly from his subjects. On that day his subjects didn’t have to go through the usual channels. On one such day a man came up to the king and said, “Your Majesty, my only daughter has been kidnapped by a high-ranking officer and taken away to his village. Whenever I go to complain to the magistrate, he turns a deaf ear to me. So many times I have told him what this officer has done, but he will take no action. What am I going to do?”

The king sent for the magistrate and asked, “Is this story true?” The magistrate remained silent and then finally admitted that it was indeed true. The king became furious and ordered the magistrate to be whipped two hundred fifty times by the strongest man in the palace. Then he ordered several strong guards to bring back the man’s daughter. He told them, “You know what kind of punishment I want you to give. Do the needful!”

So those guards went to that particular village and brought back the girl — along with the head of the culprit. The king was so pleased with them. He said, “This is the punishment I wanted. Now, anything you want from me, you can have. You deserve a reward.”

In this way the man got his beautiful daughter back.