Babar sacrifices his life

Once the Emperor Babar’s son Humayun had a very high fever. It continued for a few days and the most eminent doctors were called in, but no one was able to cure him. Some people in the palace were saying that perhaps God would be pleased if they sacrificed expensive animals in order to save the Emperor’s son. Others said, “No, the sacrifice has to be more precious than animals. The best thing is to sell the Kohinoor diamond to some very rich people and then use the money for religious purposes. The money should be given to the poor.”

Finally Babar said, “I can sell the most precious diamond to save my son’s life, but I have no idea if it will really save him. Everybody is suggesting that I sacrifice the most precious thing on earth in order to cure my son. I feel that there is nothing dearer to me than my own life. Humayun is my eldest and dearest son. I should sacrifice my life for my son.”

After saying this, the Emperor folded his hands and circled his son’s bed three times, praying to Allah to take his life and save his son. He said, “Allah, everybody is telling me to offer the most precious thing to You so that You will kindly save my son’s life. I feel that my life is the most precious thing that I have to offer. Please take it.”

Then Babar cried out, “Allah has granted my prayer! Allah has listened to my prayer!”

From the moment he said that, Humayun started to get better. In a short time the Emperor Babar died.