Peace itself is strength. When you have inner peace, you can have joy and delight when you enter into the outer world. The outer world can be under your control when you have peace of mind, even if you have only a little peace of mind. Wherever you go, you will make your own peace. If you do not have any inner peace to offer, the only qualities you will express are restlessness, aggression and other undivine things.

When a spiritual Master meditates with a group of seekers, several show that they are restless. The Master's Peace will not be affected by anybody's restlessness. On the contrary, the strength of his Peace will enter into all the seekers who are sincere. The Master maintains his inner poise and, after half an hour when the seekers go back into the world, they feel very peaceful. Peace the Master has put into them; then after half an hour or an hour, Peace, Light and Bliss are emanating from all of them.

The world is something very huge, but each person represents the world. You and I create the world by the vibrations that we offer to the world. Any little room, let us say, is a miniature world. If we can invoke Peace and then offer it to somebody else, we will see how Peace expands from one to two persons, and gradually to the world at large.