Gratitude is one's feeling of concern for the Highest. As the Highest has concern for the lowest, the lowest also should have some concern for the Highest. We may ask, "What can we do for God with our concern?" We have to know what He will think of us if we live an ordinary, undivine, animal life. The answer is that He will feel miserable. He will think that we are not making any progress and are holding back His Manifestation. Our concern for the Highest makes us feel what we can do, and that very thing is to offer gratitude. This is one way of viewing gratitude.

There is another way to view gratitude. When we are about to be totally destroyed, our hope, our pride, everything that we have is shattered and smashed. But inside our utter hopelessness, helplessness, destruction and frustration, if we see a streak of hope, a streak of light, that hope or that light is gratitude. Like a magnet, our iota of light is pulling down a higher force which is entering into us to save us. The moment we have this magnet, it pulls down more of God's Grace and God's Love. The magnet is our inner cry, our gratitude, bringing down more Love from above.