Question: What is the difference between an ordinary mind and heart and a mind and heart that have been transformed?

Sri Chinmoy: The difference between an ordinary mind and a transformed mind is very simple. If it is just an ordinary mind, then that mind is quite often assailed by fear, doubt, anxiety, worry and so forth. Also it is quite often a victim to limitation. But if it becomes transformed, then the mind becomes vast, vaster, vastest. It becomes an infinite sky, an infinite ocean. So here is the difference between the ordinary mind and the transformed mind. It is the difference between the limited and the unlimited. In the limited there is the dance of confusion, with conflicting ideas and negative forces; whereas in the unlimited only the children of Peace, Light and Bliss are singing and dancing.

Now with regard to the heart, if it is an ordinary, unaspiring heart, then it is bound to suffer from insecurity and a sense of separativity. That heart will not dare to unify itself with other people or other hearts, for it thinks that it will lose everything that it already has. An ordinary heart feels that the moment it shares something with others, it will lose a part of the reality. It feels that if it becomes one with the world, it will not be able to possess the whole world in its entirety. But the transformed spiritual heart feels that the more it identifies itself with other hearts, the sooner it will get Peace, Light and Bliss in abundant measure. A transformed heart is the heart that has established its inseparable and eternal oneness with all and sundry. It feels that the moment it becomes vast, it will have satisfaction and it will be able to claim the entire creation as its very own. Instead of losing, it feels that it will gain everything: the entire creation plus the Creator Himself.