DISCIPLE: Master, this is a very simple question. I do hope that you tell me the absolute truth. Master, after you attained God-realisation, did you ever disobey God?

MASTER: I am extremely sorry to tell you, my child, that there is not a single day when I do not disobey God.

DISCIPLE: Master, how then am I going to keep you as my Master? Tell me when and why you disobey God! You always tell us to obey God unconditionally and surrender to God unconditionally. How is it that you, being fully realised, do not obey God?

MASTER: Let me tell you when I disobey God, my child, I disobey God when I am in your physical presence. Why do I disobey God? He asks me to see you as another God and to listen to you unconditionally. Knowing perfectly well that you are a fool of the first water, how am I going to obey Him? You tell me, my child!