Part I — The inner journey

Question: Why is it easier to approach God through a Guru?

Sri Chinmoy: Right now, the Supreme who is operating in and through you is only a vague idea to you. When you think of God, you may think that He is in beautiful trees or on top of mountains, or perhaps you will say that God is inside a cave or inside the ocean. If you think of God in this way, at any moment He may disappear and you will wonder where He has gone. When you think of me, that question does not arise. You know that I am in this house or at the store or at some familiar place. But when you think of God, you try to imagine whether He is in Heaven or hell and at the same time you have no idea what He actually looks like. But you know what I look like; I am something tangible. You can easily see me because I am on the physical plane. Immediately you can visualise me.

That is why they say that if you can go through the Master, you will be sure to reach the right place. It is much easier and safer to allow the Guru to go to God and bring God to you than to go to the Guru through God. If you try to go to God, the mind will doubt. If you make direct contact, you will misunderstand, but if you go through a Guru who can reassure you and convince you, you will believe it. Otherwise you will be full of doubt.