Question: Guru, when can I get my spiritual name?

Sri Chinmoy: Here is a most difficult question. When can you get your name? When you are ready. When will you be ready? I will give you the name only when you are ready to feel that the name you get is the only name that will give you joy. The other day I was told a story about the five-year-old daughter of one of my disciples. Her mother and father still called her by her old name. Finally she said to her parents, "If you call me that old name once more I will get out of the house and stay out." Look at the joy this little girl gets from her soul's name.

Your name I will give you with joy and pride, but unfortunately the time has not come. If the time comes tomorrow, I will give you your name then. When your time comes I can even give you your name on the phone. For your brother, I did this. Now that you have asked me for your name, you do not have to tell me any more. It may take two months, it may take one year or it may take three days. When God tells me to give you your name, I will definitely do it. You will be waiting for that day and you will be happy when you get it.