Question: Guru, why is it that during interviews you sound formal, and when you talk to us you sound informal?

Sri Chinmoy: From a spiritual person people have to get all the things that he has to offer. To the disciples I wish to offer one thing. During my talks I offer something different. I should be given the opportunity to offer what I want to offer. Here I am sociable, but at other times, when I am supposed to remain in my highest, if I have to come down to an ordinary person's level, it will be a mistake. I want to lift them up to my level.

When I meditate at the Centre, you have to come upstairs and be in a meditative mood. Only then will you be able to receive. If you stay downstairs and talk or eat, thinking that just because you are in the church, it is enough, that will be a mistake. You have to go upstairs, raise your consciousness and meditate. When I mix with you people on your own level, it is not that I am coming down. When somebody is drowning, I offer my hand to save him; but he also has to offer his hand and hold on to mine. If I remain always on the distant shore, how am I going to lift him? At that time I have to come near him, and he has to stretch out his hand so that I can save him.