Part V — The Golden Boat

The Golden Boat1

Dear children, the Golden Boat is not mine. This Boat belongs to the Supreme. We are all passengers on this Boat. You may say that I am an experienced passenger because I have been on this Boat for a longer time than you have been. But I wish to say that this Boat belongs to the Supreme. Right now He has only a few hundred passengers on this Boat, but a day will dawn when he will have seven thousand passengers or even more. And in the near or distant future the Boat of the Supreme, where we are all now seated, will carry not only seven hundred or seven thousand individuals, but the whole of humanity to the Golden Shores of the Beyond. The Transcendental Supreme in His Golden Boat will carry all of us to the Golden Shores of the ever-transcending Beyond.

If the human in me has been blessed by the Supreme with the capacity to write 208 poems in one day, then I pray to the Supreme in me to grant me the capacity to offer you, my sweet children, my heart's deepest blessingful gratitude twenty million times. You are my inspiration, and in you is my Goal. By manifesting the Supreme in each of you I fulfil my God-appointed task. With you I have started my journey, and with you I will eternally continue in the Boat of the Supreme Pilot. Our journey will never come to an end. There will be no journey's close for our Supreme Pilot, the eternal Guru, the only Guru here on earth and there in Heaven.

The human in me will write many more poems. It may happen that the human in me will exceed the number that we already have offered to the world at large in one day. But I wish to tell you again, as I have always been telling you, that it is not a matter of quantity versus quality. The Supreme in me commands me to write poems, and I assure you that He also gives me the capacity to achieve quality. The Supreme in me and the poet in me go together. The Supreme is at once my inner vision and my outer judgement together.

Many men may write hundreds or thousands of poems. I too shall write thousands if so is the Will of the Supreme. But the divine in me invokes the Supreme to grant me only one boon, and that is gratitude to you, my children, for what you have done for me and for what you will do for me throughout Eternity. This feeling of gratitude I wish to place around the neck of each seeker of the transcendental Truth, for each seeker deserves it.

Again, I wish to say that this is not my boat; it is the Boat of the Supreme. I am an experienced or advanced member in the Boat. As I always tell you, I am one of you; I am a brother of yours. Our Father is somebody else. I was born into this spiritual family a few years before you were born, so naturally I am expected to have made a little more progress than you have. Now I am in a position to tell you about the Supreme, who is our eternal Father, eternal Mother, eternal Friend, eternal Beloved. I try to teach you how to grow into His very Image. I show you where our Father is, and then my role is over.

The Supreme is always in the process of transcending His own evolving Consciousness. At every second He is transcending the limits of His own Transcendence. That is why we say that He is in the process of ever-transcending Reality, Divinity and Immortality. Today I pray to the Supreme Pilot to grant me the opportunity and the capacity to offer my blessingful gratitude countless times to each of you, for each disciple, each seeker, has given me the opportunity to be of service to the Supreme in him. It is not you who should be proud of your so-called leader on earth; it is I who should at every moment be proud of you and offer you my most soulful gratitude. It is you who have given me the opportunity and it is you who have chosen me to be of dedicated and devoted service to you all.

IJ 35. On 5 February 1974, Sri Chinmoy's disciples celebrated the Master's completion of 208 poems on that day. After appreciating a huge boat filled with gifts from his spiritual children, Sri Chinmoy spoke about his Golden Boat.