Question: Since I came to your path, without asking for anything, all kinds of things have been flowing in. Is that normal?

Sri Chinmoy: The things that we need will definitely be given to us by the Supreme. Only we have to know that there are things that we really need, and there are things that we only demand, or want. The things that we actually need, that the soul needs, or the heart needs, will always be granted. These real needs do not come from us: they come from the Source into us as an inspiration. Then, when this inspiration tries to manifest itself, it becomes our creation, our realisation, our achievement. But the very need comes to us in the form of inspiration from the Source. Your inner needs will definitely be fulfilled. But things that you want, if they are all fulfilled, will cause you great difficulty. By fulfilling our vital demands or desires, we only increase our difficulties.

Your experience is encouraging and inspiring. Here we come to know that God thinks of us more, infinitely more, than we think of ourselves. Sometimes we believe that we think of God more than He thinks of us, but this is absurd. Sometimes we believe that we think of ourselves more than God thinks of us. This is also absurd. We say, "God has created the whole creation. He has to think of infinite beings, and I am only a tiny particle. How can He think of me, or why should He think of me?" But, it is not like that in this case. God has the capacity to create infinite beings, and He also has the capacity to think of each and every one of them in His inimitable Way. We have to realise that He thinks of us infinitely more than we think of ourselves. After all, we are His instruments; God is not our instrument. We are His instruments, so naturally He has to think of us and care for us if He wants to perfect us.