Japan is a land of beauty. Boundless is her vital energy. Wonderful is her politeness. Matchless is her fondness for simplicity and beauty. Tagore writes:

"The cause of Japan's strength lies in the fact that she does not fritter away her energy in fruitless hustle-bustle and exchanges of hot words. As there is no waste of energy, the Japanese do not run short of it at the hour of their need. The mental and vital peace and endurance form a characteristic feature in their national character. They know how to control themselves when they are confronted with grief, sorrow, shock and causes for indignation. That is why the foreigners fail to understand the Japanese mind." — Japané-Parasyé

He further says that "in Japan, Oriental mind has learnt the technique of work, but it is they who work out their own plans. So, it may be hoped that a synthesis may be brought about between Occidental ideas and Oriental activities. If it so happened, then it will be an ideal fulfilment." — Japané-Parasyé