Tagore's letters are as remarkable as his dramas are. What insight! what charm! what humour do they possess! I cite here some wits from them.
"Professional critics have a habit of bearing false witness against themselves" — even when they are pleased they labour to prove the reverse.

"One individual and the infinite are on equal terms, worthy of looking upon one another, each from his own throne."

"The world is ever new to me, like a loved old friend of this and former births, the acquaintance between us being both long and deep."

"Success in Life is an unmeaning phrase," — Nature's commandment being simply to live.

"Poetry is not a mere matter of feeling or expression; it is the creation of form. Ideas take on shape by some hidden, subtle skill at work within the poet. This creative power is the origin of poetry. Perceptions, feeling, or language are only its raw material. One may be gifted with feeling, a second with language, a third with both. But the other, who has these as well as creative genius, alone is a poet."