Each man is a miracle. Each individual is an epic. As ill-luck would have it, we have neither time nor curiosity to see the miracle or go through the epic. And what is man after all? To quote the reply made by Byron:
"Man! Thou pendulum betwixt a smile and tear."

We know, man is not what he seems. He is something more than his present appearance and achievements. We may say that man is that very thing which must be surpassed. Tagore writes:

"Man is, on the one hand, nature, and on the other, he is the Self. On the one hand, he tries to fulfil the highest duty to the Supreme, on the other, he is anxious to please the person dear to his own heart. On the one hand, he achieves the summum bonum of life with the help of truth, on the other, he has to attain to Beauty through the highest good." — Shantiniketan 3