Rabindranath: A towering personality of multifarious achievements.

In Rabindranath's works Bengali literature rightly deserves to shake hands with world literature.

A day shall dawn when Rabindranath's soul-stirring songs will go a long way to the formation of character of the Indians.

His was a Spirit that was ever open to the new Light.

His was the politics that could never be separated from the core of spirituality.

Rabindranath's Viswabharati is a glorious idea seeking a perfect Form.

A marvel indeed, Rabindranath had the rare capacity to mingle the strains of human sorrow and joy, human sweetness and bitterness into one song.

Dancing was looked down upon in Bengal until Rabindranath's tireless toil and mighty personality rehabilitated this art. Dancing was then taken up even by the girls and women of aristocratic families. Rabindranath's faultless view is that dancing is undoubtedly a means of self-expression.