A heart of compassion

Troilanga Swami and one of his dear disciples were meditating together on the bank of the Ganges. All of a sudden a terrible hurricane arose. The disciple said to the Master, “Let us go home. Let us hurry to our ashram.”

The Master said, “How can I go home now? Look at the pitiful condition of the passengers in that boat on the river. The boat is about to sink.”

The disciple said, “I also feel sorry for them, but what can we do?”

In a few minutes’ time the disciple saw the boat sink. He felt miserable and started crying for the passengers. Then he looked around. To his wide surprise he saw that his Master was missing. Then he felt totally miserable. The hurricane was in its full fury, the boat had sunk and his Master was not visible. He began praying to the Master to come back from wherever he had gone.

After a short time he saw the boat that had sunk come up again right in front of him with all the passengers, and inside the boat was also a naked man, Troilanga Swami. Before that moment, nobody in the boat had seen the Master. He had gone unseen and brought the boat and the passengers back to shore unharmed and safe. This was another of Troilanga Swami’s miracles.

Commentary: A God-representative is he who embodies Eternity’s Compassion-Heart, Infinity’s Protection-Light and Immortality’s Illumination-Soul.