Justice-light shines

One of Shyama Charan Lahiri’s disciples was named Kali Kumar. He worked in an office and used to visit the Master quite often. Unfortunately, Kali Kumar’s boss did not like the idea of his being devoted to a spiritual Master. His boss was a middle-aged man, and he wanted to be Kali Kumar’s only boss, so he literally hated the spiritual Master.

One day, the boss followed Kali Kumar to his Master’s ashram with the idea of insulting the Master. He wanted to complain that Kali Kumar was not as obedient to him as he was to the Master. Before the boss could say anything, however, Shyama Charan Lahiri started speaking to Kali Kumar. “Today I wish to show you something which may please you. Turn off the light.” Kali Kumar turned off the light and they meditated for a few minutes. Then the Master said, “Can you see anything?” Both Kali Kumar and his boss saw a most beautiful young girl. Then the Master said to the boss, “Do you recognise her?” The boss was so ashamed and embarrassed. “Is it not your lover?” Shyama Charan continued. “Your wife and children are so devoted and faithful to you. How is it that you have fallen desperately in love with this girl?”

Kali Kumar’s boss cried and cried. “Please forgive me,” he begged the Master, “I want to become your disciple. I want to be initiated by you.”

Shyama Charan said, “I can’t initiate you right now. You have to wait for six months. If you lead a pure life for six months and remain faithful to your wife, I will initiate you.”

The boss remained faithful to his wife for only three months; then he went back to his girlfriend, and after four months he passed away.

Commentary: If you try to harass a real spiritual Master, then ruthless embarrassment will dog you. The spiritual Master will easily forgive you, but it will be most difficult, almost impossible, for your own soul to forgive you. Your soul knows that a true spiritual Master is not only your best friend but your only friend. When you harass a spiritual Master, you attempt to break the eternal friendship that shines between your soul and the spiritual Master; therefore, your soul does not approve of it at all. At that time, your soul invokes the cosmic Will or justice-light to play their role inside your unaspiring and unlit life.