The world-renouncer

Troilanga Swami renounced everything. He always remained unclothed. He did not ask anybody for food. If others came and fed him, he ate, but he never cared for quality or quantity. Anything people gave, he ate, and he left the quantity up to his devotees and admirers. In one of his visits to Troilanga Swami, Sri Ramakrishna offered him a very large quantity of Indian sweets. Another time, some wicked people offered him a very, very large quantity of the chemical lime. He ate it and it caused him to vomit immediately. They were so shocked. But for their misbehaviour they touched his feet and cried, and he forgave them immediately.

Commentary: He who has renounced the world not only sees the universal Truth-Beauty but also sees the universe as the Truth-Beauty and as the illumining and fulfilling Reality.