Body's strength assails, soul's strength sails

Once an English military officer who was very devoted to Bhaskarananda was boasting about his latest military achievement. The Master said, “That’s fine. I admire your bravery. Now, just give me that pencil that is right in front of you. I have to write something.”

The officer bent down to pick up the pencil for the Master, but he could not lift it. Again the Master said, “Please give it to me. I cannot reach it.”

The officer tried and tried, but he did not have the strength to lift up the pencil. With utmost affection the Master told him, “Look, it is God’s strength and capacity that works in and through you on the battlefield. That is why you are victorious. Without God’s strength, you don’t have the capacity even to lift up a pencil. So don’t boast, my child. It is all God’s Will.”

Commentary: Military strength is of the vital world, but it applies quite often to the physical world. Spiritual power is of the soul’s world, but it can be applied in the physical world as well, to dominate the physical in us. Spiritual power is applied in the body, vital, mind and heart for glowing illumination and fulfilling perfection. Physical strength, vital strength and mental strength sing the song of subjugation. But psychic strength, founded on the soul’s power, always sings the song of universal oneness-satisfaction.