My food, my oneness universal

Once a disciple of Bhaskarananda brought some fruits to his Master. The Master distributed the fruits to the disciples who were around him, and there was none left for himself. But Bhaskarananda did not feel at all sorry, because his joy came in feeding his spiritual children.

The next day the same disciple brought quite a few mangoes, but he kept aside two delicious ones for the Master. After the Master had distributed all the mangoes, the disciple gave him the two that he had saved. But Bhaskarananda scolded him, saying, “You can’t do that. Whatever you have brought, you have to give to me. Whatever I want, I will keep for myself. Don’t you know that I eat everything in and through my disciples? When you people eat, it is more than enough for me, for I enjoy eating and doing everything in and through you all.”

Commentary: Once we offer something to the Master, our claim on that thing must totally disappear. If we give something to the Master and want him to do something with it in accordance with our desire, then we are not making a real offering. We are only trying to bind him with our desire-gift. We should give to the Master not only devotedly and unreservedly, but also unconditionally. Then only will we have peace of mind, happiness in our heart and fulfilment in our life.

We must give for God’s sake. The God within us wants to give to the God within others. So one God gives, and another God receives. The giver and the receiver are expected to be equally happy in the act of giving and receiving unconditionally.