Dream becomes reality

Once a well-known military officer decided to accept the spiritual life. He wanted to give up the world of attachment for good, so he began praying to God every day to take him to his real Guru.

One night in a dream he saw a most beautiful luminous being, and at the same time he saw a word written on his heart: Nigamananda. This officer knew nothing about Swami Nigamananda, who was then living a thousand miles away in a different city. But the officer made inquiries, and soon he found someone who knew of Nigamananda, and could tell him where the Master was to be found.

In a few days' time the officer-seeker reached Nigamananda's ashram. As soon as he saw Nigamananda he knew that this was the Master he had seen in his dream and he fell at his feet. Nigamananda said to him simply, "So, you believe in dreams?"

Commentary: The dream-world is next door to the reality-world. Today's beautiful dreams are tomorrow's fruitful realities. A seeker's soulful aspiration-dreams can be transformed into fruitful manifestation-realities. A sincere, self-giving seeker can easily acquire a free access to the dream-moon-world and to the reality-sun-world in the process of his inner evolution.