The widow's marriage

One day a young, beautiful girl and her father came to see Bama Kshepa. The young girl bowed down to the Master and offered him some Indian sweets which she herself had prepared. Bama was extremely pleased with her and said, “I am blessing you. You will be blessed in the future with a beautiful son.”

The girl cried out, “Father, Father, look what this sadhu is saying! How can I have a child when I have lost my husband? I am a widow.”

Bama said, “You are a widow. So what! You will be remarried. My words will prove true.”

In three months’ time a very rich young man fell in love with her. Although in those days it was not at all appreciated if a widow remarried, this girl did get married in a special Hindu Vaishnava manner. Needless to say, in a year’s time after she got married, she was blessed with a beautiful son.