The dying man

A young man suffering from a serious case of tuberculosis was brought by his relatives to Bama. The young man’s days were numbered. Bama said to them, “Why did you bring him to me? Am I a doctor? You rascals, you will never give me peace of mind.”

Then the Master stood up and started strangling the patient. Everybody was stunned. The man was already so weak. The disciples started crying because if the young man died, the Master and all of them would be in serious trouble.

But Bama continued to strangle and abuse the man like anything, saying, “When you do bad things, unbearable things, don’t you know you will pay the penalty?” Then he said, “All right, I have forgiven you,” and he threw the man down on the ground. Everybody thought he was dead.

But in a few minutes, to everyone’s astonishment, the young man stood up and said, “I am so hungry. Please give me something to eat. I have never felt this kind of hunger in my life.” The dying man was now totally cured. The relatives left the Master’s house offering utmost gratitude to Bama, whom they affectionately called the “insane spiritual Master.”