Meditating on one's shoes

One day a certain gentleman bathed in a holy river and then sat down to meditate on its bank. A few minutes later Bama came to the spot and watched the man for some time. Then he entered into the water and, from there, started sprinkling water and throwing sand on the gentleman.

The man said to Bama, “What a rascal you are! Can’t you see that I am meditating? Is this the time for you to disturb me?”

Bama replied, “What a liar you are! You are meditating on what? Are you meditating on God or are you meditating on the beautiful, fine shoes that you are going to buy today from the shoe shop? I don’t approve of that kind of meditation.”

The man was so surprised. He said, “Please, please tell me something about meditation.”

But Bama only said, “Meditation is not meant for you for quite a few years.” Then Bama started running away.

The man followed him, but Bama ran so fast that he could not catch him. When the man reached Bama’s village, he asked people where the Master’s house was and went there. But Bama told his disciples, “I will never speak to him. Let him meditate on his shoes. You people meditate on God.”

The gentleman felt sad and miserable, and he went away without seeing Bama. Bama knew that this was the only way he could inspire the man to meditate sincerely.