Bama's affection

Bama was quite often unkind to people outwardly. Inwardly he was all kindness and concern, but his outer behaviour was quite often shocking. Therefore, nobody expected kindness from him, especially in the outer world.

One day a certain doctor and some of his admirers came to Bama. Bama was extremely kind and affectionate to the doctor and pleaded with him to eat something. The doctor said that he was not hungry and that he did not eat food at odd hours. But Bama pleaded and pleaded. His disciples were so surprised, for Bama never did this kind of thing. He always remained in his own trance. Who had eaten and who had not eaten — these things never bothered him. Since he kept pleading with the doctor to eat something, the doctor finally did so and then went home.

On reaching home, he found that his only daughter had just died. She had had a stroke and in ten minutes’ time she had passed away.

Bama had known that this tragedy was going to take place in the doctor’s family and therefore had become so kind, so affectionate and so loving. He showed tremendous concern for the bereaved family even before the tragedy took place.