The mother's vision

A high-ranking railway officer who was head of a railway line was once in serious trouble. It happened that a particular tram on his line met with a severe accident and hundreds of people were killed. He was accused of being responsible for the accident and he was about to lose his job. He had a big family so he was very sad and disturbed.

His mother started praying to God to forgive her son. One night she had a vision in which she saw a most beautiful sannyasi who said to her, “Mother, don’t worry. I shall save your son.” The next morning she was extremely excited. She told her son all about her dream and he was very pleased to hear it.

The following day Balananda came to the mother’s house quite unexpectedly. As soon as she saw him she was astonished, for the man she had seen in her dream looked exactly like Balananda. Balananda said to her, “Do not worry. I am the same person you saw in your dream. Now, I know that your son is a good hunter, so please give me a tiger skin.”

Her son, the great officer, happened to be there. He was very moved to see Balananda and he offered him not one, but three tiger skins. He said, “Please make your choice. If you want all three, I will be happy to offer them all to you.”

Balananda said, “I am sorry. I don’t like any of these three.”

The officer replied, “Then I will go out and buy some to offer to you.”

Balananda said, “No, I have changed my mind. I don’t need one now. God has asked me to come to you and save you. In a few days time they will withdraw the case against you. They will prove that the accident was not due to your negligence at all, but to some other reason. You do not have to worry. You will be acquitted; nothing will happen to you.”

Both the son and the mother fell at Balananda’s feet and said, “We are offering you our gratitude-hearts. Please accept us as your disciples.”

Balananda smilingly said, “I have already accepted you both as my true disciples.”