The Master's true disciples

One day, some of Balananda's dear disciples said to him, "Master, some of your disciples also go to other Masters. Do you approve of this?"

He said, "I do approve of it. They are acting like bees. Bees enjoy collecting honey from various flowers, so my disciples also can do it."

The disciples said, "No, we will never do that. We don't want to act like bees. We want to be all yours. What you have is infinitely more than we need."

The Master said, "I knew it. I knew it. I knew that you people are not of that type, but there is one thing you can do. You can go to other spiritual Masters for metaphysical knowledge. You have all been initiated by me. I am your Master for God-realisation and others can be your Masters for philosophy and mental expansion."

The disciples said, "We don't need a mind, we don't need mental expansion. What we need is a heart, a oneness-heart with you."

The Master said to them, "Who else can be my true disciples, if not all of you?"