Girish Chandra Ghosh

In his early days, Girish Chandra Ghosh lived an undivine life to the extreme. He did not care for spirituality at all, but he had a good heart. In the course of time, he became an eminent actor, playwright, poet and literary figure in his native Bengal.

One day Sri Ramakrishna said to Girish, "I see what kind of life you are leading, but do not worry. You just give me your power of attorney."

"What is this?" asked Girish. "What do you mean by 'power of attorney'?"

Sri Ramakrishna said to him, "Whatever you are doing, you can continue doing, only say that I am responsible. I am ready to take all your so-called sins."

Then Girish found that he could no longer lead his old life because he could not bear to bring Sri Ramakrishna into those situations. This is how he came to accept Sri Ramakrishna and develop such faith in him.