Ustad Ali Akbar Khan

Ustad Ali Akbar, you are a legendary figure in India. Here in the West, your achievements have reached the zenith of supernal glory. Your father, Ustad Allauddin Khan, and Immortality are bosom friends, and you are their peerless pride. Like your most illustrious father, you are a citizen of the ever-aspiring and ever-illumining universal orchestra of the Supreme's Cosmic Game. Mother India's pride, Mother-Earth's gratitude and Father-Heaven's Smile are playing, singing and dancing in the garden-light of your heart, Ustad Ali Akbar. You are sublimely great in the outer world because you are an unparalleled musician. You are divinely great in the inner world because your heart of love has embraced the length and breadth of the world. You are sublimely great in the world of God's cosmic Vision because He Himself has chosen you to be His ever-aspiring, love-manifesting, life-inspiring and soul-elevating instrument.