Master-da Surya Sen

Surya Sen was a great patriot, a great revolutionary and a great martyr. Far beyond human imagination were the number of hours he worked to liberate his Mother India. The people of Chittagong adored this great hero. His very name used to give them tremendous joy, inspiration and encouragement. They called him 'Master-da'. 'Master' means teacher; 'da' is the elder brother.

On February 18th, 1930, the revolutionaries of Chittagong, led by Surya Sen, broke into the British armory and stole a large quantity of guns and ammunition. Chittagong was thrown into the vortex of revolution. The British Government resolved to put an end to their problems by capturing Surya Sen. They offered a 10,000-rupee award to anyone who could tell them about Surya Sen.

Either because of money, or out of jealousy, one of Surya Sen's relatives told the British that Surya Sen was at his house. As a result, the police came and captured him. On January 12th, 1934, before the sun rose, Chittagong's sun, India's sun, was hanged.