Shah Jahan

The Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan's only daughter was named Jahan Ara. Jahan Ara was extremely beautiful, soulful and self-giving. When Shah Jahan was incarcerated in the Red Fort by his son, Aurangzeb, Jahan Ara remained in the same prison to serve and console her father.

Long before he was imprisoned, Shah Jahan had built the Taj Mahal, one of the great wonders of the world, in memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, whom he had loved very much. Who knows what he would have done if Jahan Ara also had died before him! True, by that time he was no longer the Emperor, but he would perhaps have begged his most notorious son to do something very special for his all-giving daughter Jahan Ara.

When Shah Jahan died, Jahan Ara felt that her life had no meaning. She had full freedom to come out of her self-imposed prison-life, but she chose to continue living in prison for her few remaining years on earth.