Question: Is the soul of India happy or sad as it is approaching its 50th Anniversary of independence from England?

Sri Chinmoy: On the one hand, the soul of India is very happily looking forward to new light and a new supply of energy. On the other hand, it is very sad that the body, vital, mind and heart of India have consciously or unconsciously failed to maintain India's inner spiritual wealth because they have not dived deep enough within or cared for India's spiritual depth. There are many, many unimaginably good qualities that India once had. But now India does not want these divine qualities to come to the fore and manifest themselves; now India does not want to carry those divine qualities of the highest height. Because of that, the soul of India is sad. But again, the soul of India is also looking forward to receiving a new supply of freshness, newness, oneness and fulness from her 50th Anniversary celebrations.