Editor's introduction to the first edition

This vast compilation of Sri Chinmoy's poetry, prose and songs on the theme of Mother India is released on August 15th, 1997 — the 50th Anniversary of India's Independence and the 125th Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo.

Some of the selections date from as early as 1946 — Sri Chinmoy was then in his adolescence — in India, while others were written in the West, from 1964 to the present. Many of the songs, in particular, were composed this year to celebrate India's Independence Anniversary. They have been performed during the 50 Peace Concerts that Sri Chinmoy has offered all over the world in 1997 dedicated to Mother India.

The concluding Peace Concert in this series is to be held on this day, August 15th, 1997 at Aspiration-Ground in Queens, New York City.