The awakening of dawn

Fulfilling the vision of the sages,
India, our Mother India,
With smiling face opens today
The door of Her Eastern Light.

Our Mother's body is not amputated.
She shines with divine beauty —
Though even now Her glow and grace
Are veiled by the clouds.

It is the festival of awakening of our Mother;
It is the dawn of a golden new era;
Our Mother is bringing for us Her casket
Filled with Her immortal gifts.

We shall bestow to the comity of nations, to the world at large
The sweet nectar of the Supermind.
We shall satisfy by the favour of our Mother
The hunger of all the souls.

The vision of Jesus Christ — the Kingdom of Heaven —
In order to materialise,
Narayan is revealed today in man
On this earth of dust.

Victory of the Creator, victory of Bharatvarsha,
Victory of the dwellers of the universe
Is indicated today, and of the Golden Age
Today forms the dawn.

Composed on the occasion of Independence day

August 15, 1948, Afternoon