Sri Ramachandra

Rama: Mother, is anything wrong with you?

Kaikeyi: Nothing is wrong, Rama. This very day you have to retire into the forest for fourteen years of exile. My son Bharata will be the King, and not you. Your father has promised.

Seeing that his father is lying unconscious, Rama runs out and returns with Lakshmana, Kausalya, Sumitra and Sita.

Rama (to Kaikeyi): Mother, I shall obey your command. You want me to go into the forest for fourteen years. You want my dearest brother, Bharata, to be the ruler. I am fully prepared to keep my father's promise to you. I am glad it is I who will have the opportunity to prove to the world that my father knows how to keep his promise.

Lakshmana, Kausalya, Sumitra and Sita burst into tears.

(Excerpt from a full-length play entitled _My Rama Is My All_)