Guru Nanak

The founder of Sikhism, Nanak, was meditating one day at a beach with a group of disciples.

"What do you want?" Nanak asked. "Do you want me to show you another miracle? I have shown you so many miracles, but have any of them changed your life? No! Again, if you want one more miracle I can show you, but I tell you it will not change your nature. It will only increase your curiosity. But perhaps in this way you will be silenced. Go and taste the water of the sea."

Some of the disciples hesitated, others went. The water was full of salt. Then Nanak asked them to drink the sea water again. This time, when the disciples drank, the water was as sweet as honey.

Nanak said, "I have pleased your curiosity, but I wanted something else from you: oneness with the Will of God."